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Hello Day indeed!

If you've been following my Instagram at all, firstly, thank you! I'm very new to it, but it's getting there I hope. Secondly, you might have already established that my new book, Fiona and the Whale, has a bit of a theme going on. I don't want to bore you with it too much, but let's just say I'm pretty passionate about doing what we can to reduce plastic waste. With that in mind, I needed to get a new planner to start the next academic year.

I am the type of person who is so much more efficient with a paper planner. Don't ask me why but I am. Physically putting a line through item after item on my to do list seems to motivate me infinitely more than doing it electronically. For the last few weeks I have been using a different brand of planner, we'll call it the Cheeriness Planner. (That's not its real name) What I liked about this was the way it made you reflect on you day and week, good points and bad, and make sure you had a clear focus on your day ahead. It was also loaded with motivational quotes which, while in public I will probably poopoo and talk about how cheesy they are, secretly, I rather like. I can honestly say that using it really helped change my attitude towards the day. I was keen to upgrade to a full year planner. Until on their website I saw how it was wrapped in bubble wrap.

Not deterred I emailed them and asked if they could send one without. I didn't mind if it got a bit bumped and battered along the way, it was the inside I wanted it for, not the outside. Yet disappointingly they said this wouldn't be possible. I tried another similar planner company and had the same result. And another. All insisted it was simply not possible to send their item without plastic.

Then I received this response below. To be honest, I think it says it all. I will admit, I have never paid this much for a diary or planner of any type before, but I am completely okay with that. If I am going to spend my money, I would much rather it went to a company like this, with such an amazing attitude.

Anyway, that's my time up for now.

Much love,


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